Capital Karts Visit Sky Sports & Street Race

Last week during recording for the sky sporting event transformers show https://southmountainfolkart.comCapital Karts Go Karting visits Sky Sports interestingly. With VIP drivers Nicolas Hamilton (sibling of F1 Best on the planet Lewis Hamilton) and George Russell having a road race around the sky studio in our 200cc Rimo Alpha karts.
The show which circulated on Saturday morning on Sky Sports 1 and Sky One was regulated by our race chiefs and the executives which gave a fairly special and diverse experience to our typical indoor scene the board.
Capital Karts Go Karting Visits Sky Sports
Capital Karts Meets Transformer Honey bee
Capital Karts Go Karting Visit to Sky Sports additionally offered us a chance to snatch a fast photograph shoot with this popular VIP beneath. In spite of the fact that he didn’t say a lot of Honey bee from Transformers was glad to model for photograph’s with our two karts.
Capital Karts Go Karting Meets Transformer BumblebeeTo see film of the show highlighting Capital Karts Go Karting visits to Sky Sports click the connection beneath.
Capital Karts Go Karting visits to Sky Sports

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