Go Kart Flag: Should We Use The Blue Flag?

Having worked for almost 2 years Capital Karts are as yet thinkinghttps://southmountainfolkart.com on whether the blue banner ought to be authorized. For those of you who don’t have the foggiest idea what a blue banner is, it is displayed to more slow drivers who are being overwhelmed and flags them to move off the dashing line to permit quicker drivers to pass. Anyway regardless of the number of briefings, wellbeing dvd’s and guidelines from our staff an enormous level of clients actually don’t get it.
Recipe 1 is the main type of motorsport where complying with the blue banner is obligatory and in all types of karting it is shown as a non-mandatory warning banner.
Go Karting Banners
So… Should Capital Karts utilize Blue Banners? All quicker drivers would say totally yes anyway amateurs and more slow drivers may not know what the hustling line is. Requesting that they move off a line they have never been on can cause issues.
Around here at Capital we are thinking about some additional notice signs to let drivers know the blue banner while on target and directions to flag them to move over. In view of all of this is it more attractive to not utilize the banners and simply acknowledge that quicker drivers need to surpass more slow drivers without help. Does this make it thoroughly reasonable?
Should Capital Karts Utilize Blue Banners
What are your considerations? Should Capital Karts utilize blue banners? Indeed, even in equation 1 there is a contention about their use.
Next we have the issue of what occurs in the event that somebody disregards a blue banner? Would it be advisable for someone to be given a drive through punishment for not permitting race pioneers to pass? Stringently talking it is discretionary so should it be constrained upon a driver.
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