Go Kart Weight Box: Debating Fairer Racing

Capital Karts supervisory group have been discussing /gokartpartmart.comwhether to acquaint a discretionary extra with our bundles with the establishment of weight boxes and counterweight for every driver.
Go Karting WeightsGo Karting Weight Boxes
This would essentially even up the heaviness of each kart and driver to guarantee more attractive dashing anyway we have gone over a couple of questionable issues.
Would individuals feel awkward remaining on a bunch of scales and being possibly constrained into a circumstance where they were humiliated with regards to their weight before 23+ different drivers?
Would this shame be far more detestable on the off chance that we need more balance to adjust the karts as we just have a limit of 30kg to add to our go karting weight boxes?
Would it be advisable for us to possibly do the gauge ins in private?
Ought to gauge ins be a discretionary extra just for elite gatherings?
Essentially put we would prefer not to cause our clients to feel awkward in any capacity in spite of the fact that we do understand that a few gatherings need the hustling to be just about as reasonable as could really be expected.
Subsequent to doing some exploration we have not tracked down an indoor karting track anyplace that is utilizing go karting weight boxes and we are contemplating whether it merits the work of in case we are possibly placing our clients in an awkward situation as certain individuals might be delicate with regards to their weight.

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