This purchase agreement is entered between Purchaser

and GoKarts USA, (Distributor).

Purchaser understands they are making a Factory Direct purchase.

Purchaser understands they are SKIPPING THE DEALER and saving 2-3 times the cost of a full-service retail customer.


MECHANIC REQUIRED. Purchaser agrees to have a Qualified Powersports Mechanic perform the final assembly of the Vehicle that a Dealer would normally perform. Failure to comply may result in voiding your warranty.

WARRANTY  The Manufacturer warrants that the Vehicle will be in good condition with no damaged or missing delivery items, AT DELIVERY TIME, with minor scratches excluded.

  • Labor is not covered.
  • Damaged or missing delivery items will be replaced free of charge if reported within three (3) days of delivery.
  • Repairs or damage due to operation is NOT covered.
  • mechanic’s assembly invoice is required for any warranty claim

Delivery. The vehicle will be shipped Truck Freight from our warehouse. The Freight Company will call to schedule a delivery appointment. If Purchaser cancels, misses, or refuses delivery, the vehicle will be shipped back to us, and Purchaser will be charged $500 for return shipping.

Returns. You can return your Vehicle for any reason within ninety (90) days of delivery. The customer is responsible for returning the Vehicle to our Service Center at Customer’s expense. If we arrange for return shipping, you will be charged $500.Your Vehicle will be inspected, and a report will be issued. A refund may be issued less all actual outbound and return shipping charges and a 20% restocking charge. Additional deductions may apply for excessive wear, improper assembly, damage and repairs. If the vehicle is determined to be non-serviceable, no refund will be issued.

Self Service. Skip the Dealer means you pay a lot less. that’s the Self-Service price. We ship it to you in a Factory crate from our warehouse. We provide you with everything you need including parts and documentation.

PURCHASER RESPONSIBILITY: Please remember that by purchasing a product online, you are responsible for performing the setup that a store or local dealer would normally perform – such as installing/checking the wheels, seats, roll bars, hooking up the fuel line, battery and lights, checking the tightness of all nuts and bolts, changing oil, etc. Occasionally some units may need other routine items checked/adjusted such as cleaning and adjusting the carburetor and fuel tank, checking to ensure wires are well connected, adjusting chain slack and alignment if needed. We cannot refund or exchange your unit if you cannot perform these functions or refuse to let a shop do it for you.

The customer agrees to have a qualified mechanic perform the assembly of the Vehicle. Powersport products require substantial mechanical support to uncrate, set up, adjust, maintain, repair, and upgrade.  This support is required on an ongoing basis. These activities apply to a used product as well as an item brand new out of the box.


Parts and products ordered from this website should be installed/setup by a qualified mechanic. Consult the manufacturer of the part or product for its proper use and operation. Customer assumes all responsibility for setup and maintaining products and/or equipment in safe operating condition. Products are to be used only in the manner intended and with proper safety equipment. Any disputes hereunder shall be resolved in the county of contra costa, California.

WARNING: Gokarts, Minibikes, and ATVs are machinery. They must be maintained and treated accordingly and can be dangerous. They have moving mechanical parts. You should not have loose clothing, long hair, hands, or other parts of your body around moving parts. Serious injury or even DEATH can result from operating these vehicles. Customer hereby assumes all risk associated with the setup, operation, use or maintenance of any products purchased.

HELP REQUEST: If you need support, please complete a Help Request in the customer service section of our website.

CANCELLATIONS. Processed orders canceled by the customer prior to shipping may incur a 6% cancellation fee. A restocking charge may apply on some items and special-order items canceled prior to shipping. Orders canceled by the customer after an order has shipped will be refunded less all actual outgoing and return shipping charges plus a restocking fee.

REFUSED SHIPMENTS: Customer will be charged all actual destination and return shipping charges on refused shipments. All refused shipments or returned items are subject to a restocking fee. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges, including shipping charges on orders canceled after shipping.

SHIPPING DAMAGE: The Packaging is designed to absorb damage and protect the merchandise. Minor damage scratches missing items can be easily handled. Just complete a Help Request and we will send touch-up paint and/or other items. When you receive your order and there is major damage to the merchandise, please tell the delivering carrier and have them note this on their freight bill.

BREACH OF CONTRACT:  These terms and conditions serve as the only and final agreement between Gokarts USA® and the customer. In the event the customer breaches this contract, the customer agrees to pay any and all costs associated with removal of any negative public communication, images, or material that violate the law regarding GoKarts USA®, its employees, affiliates, and its associates; including but not limited to any legal and associated costs.

The undersigned purchaser hereby agrees to all of the above terms and conditions

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